Thursday, December 31, 2015

North Shore Oahu
Don't forget to take the scenic route and visit the quaint little town of Haleiwa. Photo by John M Photo.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Awesome Sunset!

Papailoa Beach delivers again! What an amazing sunset!

Let's Celebrate!

Rai & Mami celebrate their special day with some Haupia Wedding Cake and Sparkling Apple Cider.
A flower shower of rose petals adds to the fun!

Nice Smile!

Pretty Bride
Mami makes our job easy with her cheerful smile. All the photos look great!
Hawaii Brides


Bride & Groom

The brides usually gets the most portrait photos. And grooms never complain.

Beach Walk

Papailoa Beach

Bridal Dream Hawaii
One of our favorite shots is the "beach walk".

Rai & Mami

Rai & Mami from Nagoya Japan have their wedding at Papailoa Beach on the North Shore. Wedding services performed by Bridal Dream Hawaii.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Waimea Bay Sunset

North Shore Sunset
After their wedding at Waimea Falls we went across the street to Waimea Bay for a few sunset shots on the beach.

Amazing Background

Absolutely stunning scenery at Waimea Falls, North Shore Oahu.

Waimea Falls

Gary & Shelly at Waimea Falls, August 12, 2015. (Photos by Robert Hamilton.)

On the Bridge

Have to stop on the bridge and enjoy the waterfall view.


This shot of the Groom was too good to leave out. Nice shot, Gary!


Beautiful photos of the Bride at Waimea Valley.

Wedding Staff

Gary & Shelly take a moment for a photo with Waimea Falls Wedding Coordinator Tinker, Hawaiian Musician Ha'a, Rev. Kimo, and Photographer Robert.

Gary & Shelly

Gary & Shelly have a beautiful botanical garden wedding at Waimea Valley on the North Shore of Oahu.