Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Favorite Pics

Bridal Dream Hawaii
This shot will be one of my favorite pics for a while to come. Hard to find a more beautiful setting!

Purple Sunset!

Bridal Dream Hawaii
We always go home from Papailoa Beach with great pics!

Love those Waves!

Nice Waves
The waves and the beautiful sunset at Papailoa Beach made for some awesome wedding photos!

Two Sons & One Sunset

 North Shore
Can't go home without getting some good sunset shots with the children.

Dec 24 Wedding - Ryder & Lynn

North Shore OahuHaleiwa Wedding

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Ryder & Lynn tie the knot at Papailoa Beach on North Shore Oahu, with Rev. Jofrey and Photographer Robert.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Turtle Beach, Haleiwa

HaleiwaNorth Shore Oahu
Circle Oahu Tour

This is our most popular stop on the North Shore to see Hawaiian Sea Turtles on our Sightseeing Tour.

Visiting Turtle Bay Resort

North Shore Oahu
Turtle Bay Resort is the only hotel on North Shore Oahu. It is a good place for a break and a couple photos on our Circle Island Tour.
Circle Oahu Tour

Kahuku Shrimp

Live Prawns
North Shore Oahu is famous for its numerous shrimp trucks and outdoor diners. With shrimp being raised just feet away from the Restaurant, it doesn't get any fresher than this!
North Shore
Kahuku Oahu
Amanda & Antony stop at ROMY'S for a Shrimp lunch plate during their Oahu Sightseeing Tour.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nice Sunset, Happy Couple

Bridal Dream Hawaii
North Shore Hawaii
These smiles are what we are all about at Bridal Dream Hawaii!

11-12-13 Wedding

Turtle Bay
 Ken & Shannon picked 11-12-13 for their Wedding day at Turtle Bay.

Bride's Beautiful Smile

North Shore Weddings
Shannon's smile is magical! This is what makes our day seeing happy couples.

Wedding Guests

Turtle Bay
Turtle Bay Beach is just right for small weddings with under 20 guests.

Conch Shell Blowing Becons Bride

Hawaiian Wedding Minister
As the conch shell blows the Bride makes her entrance and the Father greets the Groom.

Turtle Bay Wedding Reception

North Shore Party
Having a nice wedding reception in your own North Shore bungalow at Turtle Bay sounds like a perfect plan!

North Shore Cake

Add some sweetness to the party with a wedding cake!

Family Photos at Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is a beautiful spot for North Shore Family Photos.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Great Wedding Location

Beautiful SceneryBridal Dream Hawaii
We really like Turtle Bay as a great wedding location
for couples staying on the North Shore.


Beautiful Bride photos on the North Shore.

Amazing Scenery at Turtle Bay

 Angie & Jeremy exchange Flower leis Hawaiian style.

Jeremy & Angie's Turtle Bay Wedding

Beautiful ocean and jungle meet for an awesome North Shore wedding at Turtle Bay.

Hawaii Marriage License

 Bride & Groom sign the Hawaii Marriage License,
and our Officiant files it with the Hawaii Dept. of Health.

Lovely Day at Turtle Bay

Gorgeous wedding photo of Jeremy & Angie at Turtle Bay.
(Photography by Robert Hamilton.)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Awesome Wedding Photo!

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Here's a truly beautiful sunset photo taken at Papailoa Beach!
Too good to leave out of our Photo Gallery.

Purple Sunset

We're always amazed at the beautiful sunsets on the North Shore!

Papailoa Beach Sunset

North Shore Oahu
Photographer Robert Hamilton
The sunset was particularly spectacular on October 5th.
North Shore Oahu regularly gives us amazing sunsets!